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Come through the front door

There is a phrase you may have heard, “Close your back doors”. It relates to a parable about commitment versus addiction.

The story goes something like this: A man is on his couch drinking beers and watching the football game when a knock comes on the front door. The man peeks through the curtain and sees some cops outside, plus a firetruck, a T.V. and news truck. Some nosey neighbors are starting to assemble.

Out The Back Door

“Oh Jeezuss!” the man cries, and he knocks over the coffee table, runs into the kitchen, through the back door, out the back yard, jumps over the fence and runs down the alley. Presently he finds himself on a bar stool in Tijuana Mexico and he wonders how he got there.

In the second scenario the man knocks over the coffee table, runs through the kitchen, opens the back door and stops. He hesitates for a moment and then he quietly closes the back door. He turns and walks back to the front door. He turns the knob, opens the front door and steps out to face the light of day.

Coming through the front door is a metaphor for facing tough realities squarely, overcoming fear and not running away. It is about taking responsibility and taking a risk to live in integrity. Have you ever faced a tough challenge and “come through the front door”? Write and tell us about it.

Craig Webb
Originally published October 31st, 2017 in Motomomen.com

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