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Capabilities – Bill Miller Photography

Court Square Place, L.I.C.
Court Square Place, L.I.C.,
Bill Miller Photography

Bill Miller Photography, a specialist in real estate and building property photography, has documented property and design for some of the greatest builders, owners, developers, architects and designers in New York City and nationwide.

Bill Miller needed to update his website and add search optimization functionality to make it visible for clients using search marketing.

Craig Webb Art was asked to develop a comprehensive website solution.

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Craig Webb Art – BM Capabilities Report
to learn how Craig Webb Art helped Bill Miller Photography to develop a website marketing tool that increases visibility, displays photography to spectacular effect and facilitates content management.

Concept, design and creative development.

Build a core identity and message tailored to your target audience.

Craig Webb Art provides all aspects of New Business Communications Development including project management, creative development, copywriting and graphic design.