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Social Networking needs “Spam-within” filters

Like many people, I work with craigslist for work search as well as to advertise my services. Unfortunately, also like many people, I receive a lot of spam messages through the craigslist system. I do not want to block craigslist messages, but I do want an easy way to mark spammers, many of whom create accounts with big email hosts like gmail or hotmail, from within the craigslist message, so that they can be eliminated both from the craigslist community and from the gmail community. Administering this could be as simple as a “Spammer” button embedded within the craigslist email. Everyone would benefit from eliminating spammers, so I wonder why the large email hosts are not working with the craigslist team to implement this?

After that, include Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook “Spam-within” filters (there I named it) and viola – you’ve got it. As more and more business is conducted from within social networking sites, a method to mark and shut down spammers needs to be implemented. It is too blunt an instrument to block all of GMail or Yahoo! or HotMail (I’ve considered it), so this is an issue that all parties would do well to band together and implement.

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