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Re-Birth of WordPress

A new version of WordPress has come out and it provided an impetus to clean off the cobwebs and update. The old version was not secure. I have a long list of assholes who have registered on my blog for no good reason. I will find an appropriate use for that list.

Re-install was not so hard once I got into it. The hardest part was backing up my files via my web hosting service provider Powweb.

Now my Webblog is the same in the front end but better in the backend. I am excited to get into new stuff.

The first thing to fix is the pages on Webblog. The theme used here has not module for pages. That needs to be fixed. The pages are now just hovering over the header. Looks bad.

If you have valid advise how to fix that I’d like to hear from you. Also, I would like some tips on how to bling up my WordPress.

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